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This is an action-packed, cat-and-mouse intrigue between KGB trained terrorists who plan a massacre at the L.A. Coliseum during the 1984 Olympics and a CIA agent, a Green Beret and a female private investigator. The search gets complicated when the terrorists turn the tables resulting in a frenzy of intrigues, lusty encounters and plot twists. The hunters become the hunted as the clock runs down on the impending disaster in what a reader/reviewer at calls "white-knuckle suspense."

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant June, 2013
"Thrilling white- knuckle suspense! A stand out crime thriller that no adrenaline junkie should miss. A real page turner." By Bob

5.0 out of 5 stars Killing Games by Frank Ritter June, 2013
"A real page turner. This book is so real, you wonder if it really happened. If you have ever visited Los Angeles, you will be able to relate to every location. If you were at the Olympics in L.A., you can really relate. Great read." By Barry

5.0 out of 5 stars I Couldn't Put It Down June, 2013
"I was an editor on a metropolitan newspaper during the 1984 Olympics, and this book reads like a feature story. It's an intelligent read but it's not what you would term "a nice story;" it may make you squirm, wince, gasp, and cover the pages when children enter the room, but its realism and excitement will keep you riveted. You won't be able to put down, it's that good. A tale intricately entwined and masterfully detailed by a gifted new novelist." By A Retired Journalist

Ira M. Landis, I Love A Mystery The Oceanside Village Voice
I have added a new author to my list of must read authors -- Lee Child, David Baldacci, Stuart Woods, Jo Nesbro, Jeffrey Archer, Tom Clancy, J.K. Rowling -- and his name is Frank Ritter. The Killing Games is only available digitally on Amazon's Kindle, Apple's I Books, and Barnes and Noble's Nook. Beg, borrow, or steal one of these devises to read this behind the scenes story of fictional events that saved the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles from the most devastating terrorist attack in U.S. history.

A trusted Presidential adviser, (think General Haig), acts in the President's (think President Reagan) name to implement a plan to round up and eliminate all known terrorists under surveillance by the FBI and other Homeland Security agencies prior to commencement of the Games. Navy Seals and other military elite personnel play a vital role in capturing and then disposing of terrorists by dumping them far at sea from special planes requisitioned for this purpose but not readily identifiable. Naturally, not all of the terrorists are dealt with. A most ruthless Russian financed with an unlimited amount of funds has successfully implemented a plan to demolish the LA Coliseum at the peak moment of lighting the torch. Our author has demonstrated an intimate knowledge of what is involved in accomplishing such devastation.

Some readers will find all the sexual tensions extremely gripping. The Presidential adviser's wife is quite frustrated with her husband's extremely limited sexual performance and seeks other lovers. Quite specific details of a lesbian relationship, a triumvirate, sodomizing a young teenager, and multiple rapes are graphically described. I hope I haven't given away too much of the plot (I assure you I haven't). I am told the next Frank Ritter adult thriller, The Devil's Crib, has just released. I can't wait to read this story about events in Russia and the Middle East during a critical period in history.

Midwest Book Review of THE KILLING GAMES
World terrorism is deadly enough and frightening enough: but what if it, in fact, was funded by a powerful country such as the U.S.? What if the U.S. funded the execution of terrorist groups - and what if CIA involvements resulted in 'hit teams' that mistakenly threaten the general public?

If all this sounds complicated, that's because The Killing Games is anything but light leisure reading - and is anything but predictable. Readers had better be prepared for a high-octane series of encounters spiced with protagonists who are all involved in terrorist activities at some level; and who each have something to lose.

It begins with KGB terrorist Henry Miller, who leads a team to Los Angeles to the 1984 Olympics with the intention of turning the Coliseum into a deadly firebomb. Some 2,000 terrorists are involved in plotting - but U.S. forces succeed in taking almost all of them out ... all expect for key player Henry, who vanishes.

When an ordinary citizen seeking justice for the accidental death of his wife in the process becomes unwittingly involved in the search for Miller, the story becomes a maze of personalities, motivations, and clever games.

Now, if one recalls rightly, there was a lot of concern over the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. So the setting, events and characters here assume a certain gritty reality based on the very real sentiments and social and political flavor of the times.

It's this 'spice' that keeps The Killing Games a highly charged, believable story despite all its convolutions and changes. By basing action on realistic concerns, readers receive an emotionally-charged saga that neatly ties into modern-day concerns not just about Olympic settings and politics, but about world terrorist actions as a whole.

From how the FBI and CIA close in on their quarry and how " seems every nation on earth had terrorist representatives in Los Angeles" to the strategic concerns of eliminating terrorist threats without involving the general public, The Killing Games makes the point that the public is already more than 'involved' at the individual and societal level, and creates a more-than-believable set of scenarios that pit terrorists against not only U.S. agencies but the average Joe on the street.

Characters are well-rounded with all their involvements and motivations presented in action that is unrelenting, while fast-paced intrigue offers satisfying twists of plot that include a kidnapping and even a dash of romance.

Oh, and let's not forget the X-rated sex scenes: be forewarned: they are passionate and explicit interludes in the overall action-packed scenario.

Any who want a thriller based on real-life terrorist threats will find The Killing Games more than makes an impact, and presents page-turning, high drama to the end. D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer Midwest Book Review

Francis D. "Frank" Ritter has been a private investigator for nearly 40 years