Professionals Who Use
Successful Personal Injury Investigation
I have been in the investigative field for over 28 years. During that time I have accumulated a very extensive library of books, videos and CD’s covering a wide range of investigative information and techniques. If I was only able to keep one book, it would have to be Frank Ritter’s “Successful Personal Injury Investigation.” Frank has done a superior job of explaining, step-by-step and by check lists, all of the important aspects of personal injury investigation; and he does it in a very professional yet easy to understand format. This book is a “must have” for every investigator, attorney and paralegal.
Keith R. Steele,
Steele Investigation Agency
Bradenton, FL
I want to thank you for writing a "Successful Personal Injury Investigation." As a college student enrolled in a Private Investigative Services Program, I have thoroughly read your book, and must say that it is very informative and educational. It is simple to read and understand, but most of all, it provides an in depth understanding of civil investigations as it pertains to personal injury and other aspects of investigations mentioned in your writings.
April Leavitt
City College
Casselberry Campus
Casselberry, FL
I am a student in the Associate of Science in Private Investigation Services Program. I have enjoyed reading Successful Personal Injury Investigation. My instructor Mr. Michael Beltz sometimes will refer to some text books that are really boring like "eating oatmeal, three times a day for 3 months," your book is not like that. I actually laugh sometimes when I read your book. It is if you are trying to speak right to me. I am learning a lot from your book. I hope that City College continues to use your book, so other students can benefit. You may post my comments, [since] people need to know that your book is worth buying.
Kelly C. Virgadamo
City College, Casselberry Campus
Casselberry, FL
"What a refreshing departure from the usual PI "training books" with their substandard writing and proofreading. Your work will be a remarkable and long-lived contribution to our field. Your were right, the book does surpass the expectations I had. So kind of you to write it."
Gary Cretan
Covey Detective Agency
Oakland, CA
"Your book has been great and I've made my money back many times over. I very much appreciate the knowledge you have empowered me with, as well as the 'service after the sale.' "
Ron Rugen, LPI
Rugen Team Investigations (formerly Heartland Judgment Recovery & Investigations)
Columbia, MO 65205
"The book sits on top of my desk and I refer to it all of the time. I would like to have a copy of the book at the office, in the trunk of my vehicle, and at my house. I have truly benefited from your attention to details. The book has become a tremendous asset to our investigations. Dollar for dollar the money spent on your book has been our company's best investment."
Stephen P. Leoniy, LPI
24-Seven Investigations, Security & Legal Services, Inc.
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
"Information obtained from reading and studying the book allowed me to take on a new attorney-client several months ago. Total fees to date: $2422.50."
Mark J. Murnan, CCDI
Great Southern Detective Agency, Inc.
Lake Park, FL
"Since purchasing the manual, I received instructions from various attorneys in the USA with respect to the interviewing of witnesses to some serious Road Traffic Accidents which had occured in the USA. Utilising your book I was able to formulate my reports and interview the witnesses and provide witness assessments in accordance with what is normal practice in the USA, and is not normal practice here in Europe. As a result, my firm was complimented on the fact that we had provided our reports and statements in a format helpful to the US based litigation. This has resulted in a continuum of instructions which to date have produced revenue in excess of US$8,500 for our investiment in the book! I and my colleagues here in the UK would like to thank you for your manual, which has in fact proved to be not only useful, but also an interesting, helpful, and tremendous business asset."
Ian D. Withers
Priority Investigations Limited
Belfast, North Ireland
"I started looking through the book last night and saw things that helped me on two different cases. I telephoned the two different attorneys at home and told them. I haven't owned the book twelve hours yet, and it has already paid for itself."
Frank E. Royals
Global Detective Agency, LLC
Oklahoma City, OK
"Sucessful Personal Injury Investigation is by far one of the most informative books I have read in this field. Over the years many people have asked me how I got into this line of work and where did I go to school for training. I always respond that I got into this line of work by accident and there is no school that I am aware. After reading Sucessful Personal Injury Investigation I can now refer them to the wealth of knowledge and training."
Troy L. Fleming, Investigator
Carter, Brown, Osborne & Jennings, P.C.
Roanoke, VA
"I purchased Frank Ritter's book, Successful Personal Injury Investigation, at the PAWLI conference. I kept looking at it and debated back and forth over the steep price, but finally bit the bullet and plunked my money down. I have to say, I have zero regrets about the cost. Not only is it filled with really useful information, but it is written in an easy to digest style. I have already learned information and techniques from the text that otherwise would take me a long time to pick up on my own. I kind of feel like I have a (1100 page) mentor sharing years of experience with me. I want to thank Frank for writing this useful book."
Theo Shaw
Lawrence Investigations
Wilmette, IL
"I received my book this past Friday, and it is all that you said it would be. Wow, is it all. It is larger than my local telephone book! Anyway, thanks for a great product, and while I feel I know a great deal about investigative work, your book has already given me a few new angles that I had not thought of before. Thanks a bunch. Now I gotta keep reading this monster as I have a certification test in January."
Major Michael R. Matz
Florida Highway Patrol, Retired.
Ocala, FL
"I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the book I purchased. The information is well worth the purchase price."
Bonnie Johnson, Dirctor
South Carolina Association of Licensed Investigators Allied Investigations
Anderson, SC
"Frank's manual is incredibly thorough, and a must have for any investigator's book shelf - better yet, their desk, close at hand for easy reference. Anyone starting out in the filed should be required to read, reread, take notes and be tested on Frank's manual."
Diane Cowan, CLI
Confidential Investigative Services, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA
"I now have twenty years experience on my desk. You have virtually revealed a lifetime of experience and more between those two covers. Thank you so very much."
Leo E. Holden, Regional Director
Texas Association of Licensed Investigators

"The Ritter manual is chock full of information for the seasoned and novice investigator. It has something for everyone. The Ritter manual will assist students of investigation by defining terms, relating solid techniques, and providing a road map for successful personal injury investigation. I highly recommend the Ritter manual."

Joseph B. Laski, CLI
Past National Director
National Association of Legal Investigators
Irvine, California
"Frank Ritter's text, Successful Personal Injury Investigation, will become the classic in the field. This manual is a must for the library of novice and highly experienced personal injury investigators alike. It will take years off the learning curve, particularly for law enforcement investigators transitioning to civil litigation investigations."
Robert L. Parke, CLI, FCI
Past National Director
National Association of Legal Investigators
Monticello, Florida
"Finally, I have a book that not only contains technical information I will forever refer to, but a hands on, layman's outline on the correct way to conduct personal injury investigations. Way to go, Frank!"
Richard L. Barnes, CLI
Former Police Officer
Fresno, California
“Successful Personal Injury Investigation is by far the most comprehensive manual of its kind. Mr. Ritter has authored the premier personal injury guide ever. It is a must for investigators.”
Julius “Buddy” Bombet, CLI, CFE
Past National Director
National Association of Legal Investigators
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
“Finally, a ‘tell it like it is’ investigator’s manual. A concise, easy to follow book that even the beginner could excel with. Frank has done his research well. This manual is a must for the investigator’s library.”
Betty Miles-Smith, CLI (Retired)
Past National Director
National Association of Legal Investigators
Alton, Illinois
“Successful Personal Injury Investigation is a comprehensive how-to manual for novices and expert alike. Nearly encyclopedic in its scope, it is written in a no-nonsense, easy to read style. Its nearly 1,200 pages are filled with practical, hands-on information ranging from basic nuts and bolts investigative procedure to advanced techniques for seasoned professional. As an investigator of negligence and liability matters for nearly 15 years, I consider this manual to be one of the must have publications in my professional library.”
Scott K. Nelson, CLI, CFE
Fresno, California
“Frank Ritter’s book tells us in detail, ‘what you always wanted to know about what makes a good investigator.’ He is to personal injury investigators what Browne Greene and Stan Jacobs are to trial attorneys. Long story short: Ritter knows his stuff.”
Les Zador, Attorney
Los Angeles, California
“The most comprehensive personal injury manual I have ever had the pleasure of reading. A must for all personal injury law practices. Not only a great resource for staff investigators, but for attorneys as well. This is the complete handbook that every investigator should own.”
Monica Ziebell, CLI
Staff Investigator O’Brien & Wolf, L.L.P.
Rochester, Minnesota
"I would highly recommend it for any investigator specializing or intending to specialize in personal injury work or for generalists whose assignments include such cases, and for investigators dealing in industrial injury and death cases. A delightful use of humor, and profuse use of photos and diagrams that reinforce the learning points in the text. A must ..."

Waldo H. "Wally" Damerell, CPI, CII
State Special Agent (Retired)
Executive Board Member,
Council of International Investigators
Sacramento, California

"Kudos should be awarded for his thoroughness. I have never seen an instructional manual on the topic that is so filled with detailed information about the variety and diversity of personal injury accidents."
Kitty Hailey, CLI, CFE
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
"This book is a must for every investigator, whether novice or pro, law enforcement or private sector."
Leonard L. Accardo, CLI
Past National Director of
National Association of Legal Investigators
Grand Blanc, Michigan
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