Successful Personal Injury Investigation 
Frank Ritter - Author Successful Personal Injury Investigation
The Definitive Resource that investigators
call the "Get-the-job-done-book!"
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 The author, Frank Ritter, has over 35 years experience as a
private investigator, specializing in personal injury cases.

"This is a "must read" for any investigator aspiring to excellence. Full of sound principles and wonderful examples, it is a rich wealth of detail that only extensive experience and careful reflection can yield. If you acquire only one book on this subject - this is it!"

Mark A. Kleiman, Attorney
Former Member Board of Governors
Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles

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Jane Cracraft, Associate Editor of PI magazine compared Successful Personal Injury Investigation to your car's operatorís manual.

She said, "It will save countless hours of frustration and expense when new cases come your way. After you impress your attorney-client with the prompt and thorough resolution of a personal injury claim, you know youíll get more work and good references."

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A Step-By-Step Guide Through Injury Investigations, Featuring:
1,184 pages of clear & concise instruction.
Over 100 types of investigations studied & explained.
Forensic photography, videotaping & diagramming examined and explained.
Techniques for successful interviews analyzed.
Written and recorded declarations . . . how to do them correctly.
Proper handling of evidence . . . proper chain of evidence discussed.
48 tearout forms and investigation checklists, preventing "reinventing the wheel."

View the Table of Contents and see the exhaustive depth that makes this book "the get-the-job-done-book" and a "must have resource for Investigators and Attorneys."

Specially Designed for:
Those proficient in other investigative areas, but new to personal injury accidents.
Those who specialize in personal injury, it is a tremendous reference and refresher.
Those going out on their own, it provides tear out checklists, forms and formats.
Those who rarely get accident cases, it provides tools for expert investigations.
Those with investigative staffs, it is a guide to standardizing their work.
Those who wish to shorten the accident investigation learning curve by years.
Provides tear out checklists to aid with discovery.
A guide to recognizing possible additional defendants.
Provides an understanding to how investigators find the facts.
An aid in guiding investigations.
A reference to determine the ability of the investigator.
Provides guidelines for standardizing investigator's work.
Explains how investigators find the facts.
An aid to guiding their investigators.
A guide to standardizing their investigator's work.
The perfect text from which to teach plaintiff personal injury investigation.
A rich source of tort examples from real cases.
A guide to expanding the thinking of their students.
Learn the step-by-step methods of investigating over 100 types of accidents.
An instant reference for the intricacies of accident investigations.
Provides checklists to insure that everything is covered in the investigation
Law Enforcement
An aid in determining if an alleged accident could have been an accident.
A resource to help determine if an accident is being used to cover a homicide.
In addition to vehicular accidents, over 100 different types of accidents are examined.
Ex-Law Enforcement
Provides the necessary forms and formats for investigating accidents.
Learn the step-by-step methods of investigating over 100 types of accidents.
An instant reference for the intricacies of accident investigations.
Provides checklists to insure that everything is covered in the investigation

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